What Have We Done?

All of our lives we have lived beneath a safety net that has never broken. On January 20th, 2017, we were stripped bare of this, and now, without protection, we are liable to be victims to the flame we have created. We have lost our core protection. On December 19th, the day that the Electoral College voted in Donald Trump as the 45th President of the United States, I lost a lot of faith in our system, (as if I hadn’t already). On that day, we found that the Electoral College, an institution created with the purpose of being the sanity behind a country with broken democracy, had failed us. That was the day that we found that our very last safety net had either never existed or long ago collapsed under our own weight.
Why did the figurehead that we chose this election have to be one to also wrought so much wickedness upon our flag, our land our people? Why must he be so extreme? Is is because if any man or woman of lesser evil were elected, we would be that less motivated to reverse our slow decline? Our own fear has doubled upon itself with the help of our new president. That is called tyranny. We have to be stronger than that.

We Are A Country of Immigrants

It has only been a few days since Donald Trump initiated his travel ban on people entering into the United States from seven different predominantly Muslim countries. He also banned all Syrian refugees from entering the United States.

The chance of an American being shot by a foreign terrorist is 0.003%. 

What has happened that has changed? The United States has changed so rapidly, from the figure of hope and change to a narcissistic leader of millions cowering in fear of being killed in an incident which occurs less often than a shark attack. As the French political scientist Montesquieu taught, tyranny happens in a society corroded by fear. The fear akin to the fear of monsters under your bed. The chance is so small. Think about what the gun you keep your closet might do. Who might it kill simply by the hands of Americans. ISIS is a threat, they are evil and barbaric, the evil by electing Donald Trump using American fear is just as bad as beheading of journalists and slaughtering of innocent civilians. It is because of the turmoil that our new President will bring upon the world that makes so many of us scared for our future.

People living well-off in the United States are even being kept out of the country, even though they have green cards simply because they happened to be traveling to see their families when Donald Trump imposed this.

We are a country of immigrants. 

It is the duty of the white population to remember their ancestor’s status as immigrants. They killed the wild buffalo and tore apart the fields with their machines and brought saws to virgin woods, and murdered the people who lived here, why was that perfectly OK when the steps of a woman in a hijab across the street is not? Immigrants shaped America, whether we like it or not, immigration is the reason we are here living like this today. We need to tell Donald Trump that when he demonizes others and locks them out, he is only demonizing himself.

Away Into The Firestorm

These are our final hours


Rain falls gently like a blanket

Tomorrow there will be fire,

And we’ll say goodbye to the rain

That we never truly needed

Away into the firestorm

Away into the melting aurora borealis

Tomorrow we will cry

but the day after we will walk

Until we stumble on our own flesh

And then start all over again

Season after passing season

As it gets hotter

So does our compassion for a cause

Which we have lost

but we’ll never give it up

Away into the firestorm

Away, away, away

The Legacy of Martin Luther King Jr.

Today is Martin Luther King Jr. day. I thought, like most bloggers like me are thinking, that I might take some time off my day to address the impact of a man and his speeches and activism 50+ years ago on our nation today.

Back then, the Civil Rights movement was in full swing. This era carved into our history the meaning of what it was to stand up to your beliefs and succeed as a result. We are facing a new wave of injustice. Only today people participating in a MLK day parade were shot. Because of their peaceful honoring of a hero? A hero who himself was assassinated? Yes. That really did happen. Hate crimes are one of the terrible realities that minorities must face in the years to come. Maybe it is the election of our next president that has inspired this spike in hate crimes. Do these white supremacists see this country as their’s and solely their’s now? It is a question that those who may fall victim or have the capacity to stand out must understand.

It is the spirit of Martin Luther King Jr. that we must remember today. If we cannot, then what will happen to our democracy. If we do not use this energy, this passionate vigor now, then will our nation begin to fall — fall in a direction that we do not want to go in? Today is a day of reflection. With only four days left to go until the inauguration of our next president, we must use this time to ponder what we can do — inspired by Martin Luther King Jr. to get ahead, and use that sentiment of love that he preached in our words and our actions.

Where will we be in four years? We will still be fighting. We will be broken down, or perhaps we will be stronger than ever before. Hang on tight. Stay strong. Don’t let the hate leave you in despair. It will be a rough four years. Let the voices that bring us hope be heard. Let the horizon be our warning and our destination.

The Calm Before the Storm

So, Donald Trump got elected. I remember clearly the sinking feeling I felt when it went down. When I found out that morning. I still feel it, because I am genuinely afraid for my country. On inauguration day, now a week away, Barack Obama, a man who has succeeded in pulling us out of a terrible recession and changing racial dynamics in political offices forever, will leave office.

It is very hard to write this; I have written so much about our mounting political crisis since the election, but putting it out on one place seems harder than I had thought.

As you know, during the election I supported Hillary Clinton. Watching her lose was painful and in a very optimistic perspective seeing the country itself and its millions of inhabitants finally elect a woman for president was relieving. Because again, we did. Americans voted, and the majority voted for Hillary Clinton. However the system decided that Donald Trump would instead win.

I’m still patriotic. I love my country and that its people have enough sense to elect a woman. What I’m not patriotic about is our system. I don’t want to see privileged white men controlling this system anymore. The electoral college was created so that a man in West Virginia’s vote counted more than a man’s in California simply because less people chose to live there. The electoral college has made it so that it is harder for a Democrat to win an election than a Republican simply because this country has more liberals. This needs to change.

I had hoped that there would be more of an awakening after Trump’s election but our numbness seems to stop us from standing up. We can’t let division tear apart our people, however this is hard to write when it is difficult to find one thing that the President-elect has done right.

We are about to be knocked over by a raging storm. You can see it brimming in the distance. It is coming. There is no stopping it. We have eight more days of this almost unnerving, yet calm bliss, and then it will hit us full on. Wait. Fight. Don’t let the storm knock you off of your feet, no matter how strong it may be. Remember, sometimes storms are good because they remind us that we need to keep our roof sealed better.


US Presidential Election Journal

3 Days Until Election

The United States presidential election is coming up in two days, whether or not we want it to be over, or if we are too scared to know the results, it is inevitable. On November 8th, we will choose our next president, and that will be either America’s former first lady and secretary of State, or a rather self-centered businessman.

Some polls show them tied, others shows Democratic nominee Hillary Clinton ahead in the polls by up to 4 points.

2 Days Until Election

The candidates and their supporters are high strung, with tensions and panic over the potential outcome of the votes on Tuesday. Today, Donald Trump rushed off stage during a rally in Reno, Nevada, when an anonymous supporter yelled “GUN!” in the middle of his stump speech.

Hillary Clinton brought Jay-Z and Beyoncé to a concert fundraiser in the swings state of Ohio, as a final push for the millennial vote.

Election Eve

Clinton has roughly a 70% chance of winning the presidency tomorrow.

November 9th, 2016

Donald Trump won. He will be our next president. I, and so many other Americans are past the point of belief. Yet again, America fails women, and it destroys a legacy.